Military wearables

Market for Military Wearables to Expand by 2024

by Pete Wassell | August 15, 2018 | Wearables

The demands for military wearables is rising, as the market for them is foresighted to expand hugely by 2024, and the sales for these new technologies are expected to increase 45% by 2022. Government defence agencies are constantly investing and producing relevant research in new ways to increase intelligence and convenience within military equipment. Currently

Digital transformation

Digital Transformation Will Be Essential for Industry 4.0

by Pete Wassell | August 15, 2018 | IoT

Internet of Things (IoT), big data, cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) will all be a catalyst in the digital transformation within Industry 4.0. A report by IDC states that 70% of manufacturers will embrace digital transformation by 2020, with digital transformation helping to increase their revenues by 30% while cutting costs by 30%. Industrial digitization

Manufacturing wearables

Wearable Tech to Drive Manufacturing Improvements

by Pete Wassell | August 15, 2018 | Wearables

The functionality of wearable technology has demonstrated that it is a perfect fit for the manufacturing sector’s everyday workflow, and the demand keeps rising. The partnership between manufacturing and wearables has provided endless improvements within the manufacturing industry. Below are a list of wearable applications in the sector that are changing the functionality of traditional

IoT infrastructure

How Infrastructures are Benefiting from IoT

by Pete Wassell | August 10, 2018 | IoT

The devices we use are increasing at a rapid rate and the way we utilize them in our homes and everyday life is becoming smarter. We know that our devices are now being connected by the Internet of Things (IoT), but the link between the modernization of our infrastructure and IoT is still a subject

IoT trends

3 IoT Improvements to Look Out For

by Pete Wassell | August 9, 2018 | IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at an exceptional rate, from smart vehicles to wearable gadgets. These are becoming a part of our everyday lives and will continue to dominate industries across the spectrum. However, with IoT moving past its infancy stage, there is some room for improvements and enhancement. Here are 3 improvements

Industry 4.0

Are There Risks in Early Industry 4.0 Adoption?

by Pete Wassell | August 8, 2018 | IoT

Industry 4.0 is currently gaining rapid momentum within sectors such as manufacturing, as many are promising that the outcome for early adopters will be the reaping of more rewards. However, is early adoption of Industry 4.0 without any conclusive result completely risk free? Will the 4th industrial revolution prove true and well? Manufacturers currently face

Cloud Computing

Is Your Business Ready for Cloud Computing?

by Pete Wassell | August 7, 2018 | IoT

The introduction of cloud computing has completely changed the way that organizations operate, transforming their business model. It is now possible to rent any software or product for your business, updating and maintaining the server through a cloud provider. The future of cloud computing will reduce investments in IT and hardware costs, which will be

Artificial Intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Future of Work

by Pete Wassell | August 6, 2018 | IoT

Although there are imminent risks that robots may take your job, many leading companies are utilizing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to build a better workplace. AI could change how many companies manage their operations, improving the workplace for employers and employees. With AI, it will be possible to provide employers with intricate detail