Wearables in workplace

3 Ways Wearables Can Help the Workforce

From smart watches to fitness bands, the popularity of wearable technology within the consumer market has been booming. These days, employers and manufacturers have begun to realize that the future for wearables is in the workplace. Here are some ways that wearables are evolving in enterprise.


Enhancing Speech & Hearing

Voice-controlled wearables gives employees quick and hands-free access when working. This will provide them with instructions and information easily and efficiently, without having to stop what they are doing. During maintenance checks in manufacturing, workers can respond and record their answers for future data. Wearables will also allow workers to ask questions and receive a response in real-time.


Augmenting Vision

Augmented and virtual reality is currently utilised in many industries as a method of training and collaboration. Step-by-step instructions that can be instantly relayed to the worker in front of them, allows them to work more efficiently, reduce errors and improve the collaboration between colleagues.


Heightening Endurance

Employees that require physical labour can be provided with exoskeletons that support their body to prevent straining when carrying heavy loads. This technology is useful for older workers in particular, to avoid overexertion and injuries.