UV Wearables

4 Sun-Smart Wearables for the UV Conscious

Sun-Smart technology can help you avoid skin damage by measuring the amount of sun exposure you’re getting, as well as alert you of when to apply sunscreen/block to avoid burning.

Sunshine can be a great source of vitamin D, golden tans and several mood related benefits but it also comes with the dangers of ultraviolet radiation (UV). The sun’s UV exposure on bare skin is harmful, causing skin damage, premature ageing and leading to skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in America, with current estimations by the American Academy of Dermatology stating that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer, with 9,500 people diagnosed every day.

Here are 4 smart wearables/patches developed for those who want to become more aware of their daily UV exposure:


L’Oréal – UV Sense

L’Oréal has developed what they claim to be the first battery free UV electronic sensor. The company first conducted a survey using stretchable UV sensing patches in 2016, with the results showing an increased rate in people seeking shade or applying sunscreen more often than they normally would. L’Oréal has since developed a compact wearable which attaches to your body and sends personalized sun care advice and UV measurements to a smart phone app.


QSun Wearable

The QSun is a UV measuring wearable developed for those who want the capabilities of a wearable as well as a personalized sun advice program. The app can help identify the correct sunscreen for its users, by scanning a product’s barcode to provide you information on its efficiency. The app also allows you to take a picture of yourself in order to automatically analyze your skin age, skin type, how healthy your skin is and detect skin problems such as decolourization and age spots.


Ultra Inc – Violet

US based technology company has developed the Violet, a wearable which encourages healthy sun exposure and warns you when the amount of time required for you to be out exceeds. Founder, Nabyl Bennouri, has a vitamin D deficiency and wanted to create something which balanced the idea of gaining the right amount of sun exposure for vitamin D and protecting yourself against harmful UV rays.


The Shade UV Sensor

Another smart wearable is The Shade UV Sensor. Similar to the Violet, it uses a badge which can be adjusted anywhere on its user’s clothing or accessories, feeding UV measurements to a smart phone app. The creators believe in three main motives for the wearable, fighting against skin cancer, slowing the signs of aging, and protecting those with sensitive skin. The device even boasts the ability to measure the UV emitting from bulbs and through windows.