4 Technology Jobs to be Transformed with AI and Automation

Undoubtedly Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation is transforming the way we work across the spectrum of businesses and industries. Many of such implementations enable humans to use AI-based tools as a means of aid, and it also increases productivity and economic growth while decreasing costs across industries.

The technology sector is among the most popular industries benefiting with the increase of AI and automation. These are the top 4 business areas that can benefit in efficiency with the use of AI and automation:


Business Intelligence (BI) – Business intelligence can be benefited from AI in collecting more in-depth data. AI can also significantly decrease the amount of work needed to build custom BI apps and tools. This technology will also allow BI apps to increase in the process of unstructured data, transforming the way data is made readily available and grow positions in data analysis.


Web Design – Designers and developers working on mobile and desktop will also be among those whose experience will be  enhanced with the use of AI. The technology will aid developers in the creation and production of software, automating security and the ability to build additional features more easily. Software engineers can also use AI to create stronger systems and automated code development.


CIO – AI and automation will also aid IT leaders and business managers in the way their organizations are managed and run. CIOs will need to manage their entire workforce differently, with the mixing of humans, digital workers and AI. However, efficiency will increase, CIOs will have the ability to assign workforce resources effectively, knowing which tasks can be completed via automation and which need the control of humans. Automation assistants can also play a role in helping CIO’s manage their time effectively by scheduling and planning employee meetings.


Customer Service – Customer help desks are also another position which is increasingly using automation. It’s usually the first contact point some customers have with a customer and therefore a pivotal role. Chatbots are used to speak to potential or current customers and answer or solve any queries/problems they may have; however, simple solutions and advice do not require human interaction. Therefore, the use of automation in this case frees up any wasted time, allowing humans with technology talent to be used elsewhere in the company.