AR Apps

5 Best Augmented Reality Apps for iOS and Android Devices

Contrary to popular belief, apps that incorporate augmented reality have been available to the public since the introduction of the Wikitude World Browser app in 2008.

With the advancements in augmented reality, and the introduction of ARkits, there has been a surge in the creation of these applications. Here are some of the leading apps you can best utilize in education, or for entertainment – all whilst on the go.


1) SkyView

If you are searching for an app that will keep you entertained, but also educate you, Google’s SkyView will meet those expectations. By pointing your smart device up at the sky, it is able to tell you the constellations or celestial bodies that you are gazing upon.


2) Google Translate

Google Translate’s augmented reality feature is assisting people all over the world by helping to demolish language barriers. By simply directing your mobile device at a piece of text that needs translating, the technology will automatically be translated into a language you can comprehend, helping you to both navigate and engage with new cultures.


3) Snapchat

One of the mainstream examples of augmented reality is Snapchat. The app has 187 million daily users with several augmented reality functions. Bitmojis and filters can be overlaid through phone cameras into real world settings, and more recently the creators have incorporated this technology into certain games that allow you to use your facial movements as controls.


4) JigSpace

Another app that is designed for educational purposes is JigSpace. The application is constructed to show its users how the inside of a human body works. By displaying an organ in front of the smart device wherever it is pointed, it gives users an unprecedented ability to look inside the inner-workings of our body at great detail from the comfort and ease of our homes.


5) SketchAR

If drawing isn’t necessarily your forte, SketchAR is a perfect example of how augmented reality can assist you in improving your artistic abilities. By directing your smart device towards the piece of paper that you are drawing on, the outline of what you have chosen to draw will appear. This allows you to create a piece of art like you never have before.