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5 Smart Home Innovations Changing the Way We Live

Revenue in the Smart Home market amounts to $18 million in 2018, with household penetration at 32% in 2018 and an expected projection to 53% by 2022.

With these figures, it is undoubtable that the future is smart. Here are some of the ways integrated appliances and furniture could change the way we live.


Wireless Charging

IKEA have begun to roll out flat packs that integrate wireless charging, incorporating wireless chargers into their desks and lampstands to charge your phone on endless surfaces. Phone charging is just the beginning, as companies are experimenting with high-power, cordless chargers specifically for kitchen appliances. Wireless Power Consortium are currently focusing on magnetic inductive charging, which only works over distance of a few millimeters, and delivers the strongest, safest surge of energy to a device.


Smart Washing Machines

Samsung have recently released their QuickDrive Washer that allows the user to connect the washing machine to their phone. This integration will allow the user to control and monitor the progress of the wash and schedule wash cycles through the Smart Control app. It also includes built-in weight, water and wash sensors to calculate the perfect wash.


Robot Vacuum Cleaners

It’s been almost two decades since iRobot’s Roomba was introduced, which uses sensors to detect obstacles and dirt. In 2018, the traditional Roomba has become intrinsically smarter. EcoVac’s Deebot is now capable of sensing the type of floor surface, switching between vacuum and mop. It can also link to smart devices via an app, where you can tell it which rooms to clean.


Smart Bathrooms

Manufacturing company Kohler recently unveiled its Kohler Konnect. This smart tech is a new platform that allows consumers to conveniently personalize their experience through an app, automating everyday tasks in the bathroom through voice-control.

Warming up your toilet seat, alerts when the bath water is at the perfect temperature and adjusting the lighting of the mirror can all be done through an app or voice command, making your bathroom effectively hands-free.


Robo Chefs

Moley, a UK based robot firm, have created a solution to those who don’t have the time or patience to cook. Their product will feature an advanced, fully functional robot integrated professional and domestic kitchen. Moley has stated that their robot chefs will have the skill and flair of a master chef.  This kitchen will be fully operated by touch screen or even remotely via smartphone, set to revolutionize culinary needs forever.


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