A Night in the Reactor, with Museums

Augmate had the honor of co-hosting a great event at the Microsoft Reactor space in San Francisco recently. And yes, it came complete with a T-Rex and even a moon shot. The evening was filled with presentations about the latest in mixed reality work that is being done around the globe from some of the best companies in the industry.

Jo Ryall, Head of Marketing for the SF Academy at Microsoft Reactor opened the doors for us and provided the environment for learning and sharing. At Augmate, we are all excited about the current and next generation of MR that Microsoft is involved with. Our new Augmate Connect™ platform will bridge devices, content, AI and the management needs for this connected world.

Dave Martinez of Dave Martinez Ventures led a panel that included me, John Keefe from Liverpool, UK based Draw & Code, Erika Guerra Treviño from Monterrey, Mexico with Instituto Brillamont and Iris Alejandra Rodriguez, a very talented interactive designer and CTO for DMV, Mexico. The conversation revolved around creating new worlds with AR, VR and MR with a primary discussion on how to create something unique that can break through the noise. A key lesson was that we have to look at the convergence of devices, design and software technology. While Microsoft is building to be in front of the MR world with Hololens and other offerings, we as providers need to vision where they are going while we create platforms and content to maximize the impact of what the hardware can do. Like the famous Wayne Gretzky said, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.”

Of Dinosaurs and Museums

For those who have not seen an interactive museum, find one. Or wait until the Cretaceous Museum of Vallecillo opens in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico. Scheduled for opening in 2020, it is being designed from the ground up for physical and virtual immersion to bring the prehistoric world to life. Maximilian Fernandez, Founder of Maximilian Ventures and Iris Rodriguez presented the vision of this amazing project. We are all excited to be in the virtual space and time of the Jurassic era but don’t get locked in after-hours!

Maximilian Fernandez sharing plans for the museum in San Pedro Garza Garcia

There were many other presentations such as the future of Space to XR Tales sharing what is happening in the film industry. The level of development of content and advances in hardware for mixed reality is astounding. At Augmate, we are excited about the future of AR and VR, bringing our IoT platform to the world and enabling device-to-device intelligence that enhances human-to-machine interaction. It is a great field to be in and literally, the stars and the past are getting closer all the time.