Augmate is the world’s leading device management solution for wearable technology and is bringing the power of blockchain and distributed ledger to all IoT.


Augmate harnesses the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and artificial intelligence to empower the 4th industrial revolution. As the first to market and now the world’s leading device management solution for wearable technology, Augmate’s goal is to connect all things with the same powerful simplicity of wearables. Connect™ is the platform that will deliver this goal; providing scalable, secure, blockchain-agnostic device management capabilities built from the ground up for IoT and wearables.

Bringing together a world-class team of talent from IBM, Cisco, and GE with deep expertise in IoT, blockchain, wearables, and augmented reality/virtual reality, the company is providing solutions that unleash the full potential of IoT. Augmate was named an original Google “Glass at Work” partner, and won Gartner’s Cool Vendor award in 2017. The company works with some of the world’s largest enterprises including Verizon, UPS and Toyota. Founded in July 2013, Augmate has offices in New York City (HQ), Mountain View, Amsterdam, and New Delhi.

Timeline & Product Roadmap

. . .


Augmate founded
. . .


Google Glass@Work Partner

Pilot program with Toyota

Raised $3.5M Angel Fund Round

. . .


First pilot with UPS

U.S. Patent for Wearable Device Management & Analytics

. . .


Launched Wearable Environment Manager
. . .


Second pilot with UPS

Gartner “Cool Vendor” Award

IoT Expansion Task Force

IOTA proof of concept

Launched MATE digital security sale

. . .


Augmate Connect development

Raised $10M in MATE sale

Partnership with RChain

Moved enterprise Pilots into production

Completed asset tracking POC with blockchain

Opened Silicon Valley & Amsterdam offices

Augmate Digital Security listed on OpenFinance

. . .


Release of Augmate Connect

Enterprise expansion

Take the Next Step in IoT & Wearable Device Management