Augmented Reality in Retail

Augmented Reality in Retail

Many retailers are struggling to get customers through the door, as it becomes easier and easier to do your shopping online. 

 The challenge for the high-street is to re-create an environment in their stores that will allure the shopper back into their domain and get them offline. Shopping on the street needs to be made more friendly, fun and a more enjoyable general experience. 

So, how can they do this? Augmented Reality could be the solution.

One example of this tech in our store that we have seen is from Zara who have been able to dress mannequin with multiple different pieces of clothing through an AR app. Rather than having to worry how a dress would actually look on, customers can actually see how the products would look inside of their own homes before having to buy and worry about the struggle of returns if unsuitable. The cross between virtual and digital worlds allow the customer to visualize having it, and breaks down the barrier of apprehension.

Within certain stores, the app is allowing the customer to go directly to the product, meaning that they don’t have to wander around aimlessly. These apps are designed for the shopper to go in, find the product, and purchase. The AR app encourages the customer to engage within the app whilst they are shopping, and this also allows the retailer’s input within the customer’s journey, and can encourage the shopper to buy the product along the process. It puts the power back in the hands of the shop, better allowing the high-street to flaunt its best qualities. 

Augmented Reality is only being used by innovators at the moment, but its application are beginning to improve the customer’s experience within the store and drive an increase in sales. A happy customer, will be more likely to buy a product.