Automation to Takeover 90% of Enterprise by 2020

Most European enterprises (92%) are expected to adopt automation technology by 2020. A survey of 500 European businesses by ISG found the core uses of automation was to improve customer experience and streamline internal financial operations.

In the current climate of advancing technologies, employers are struggling to find people with the skills they need. Industrial workers are increasingly seeing the benefits of working with robots, rather than humans, to boost efficiency and complete repetitive and mundane tasks.

According to a survey by Gallup, 1 in 10 jobs are actually at high risk from automation, but only 23% of workers are worried about losing their jobs to automation and artificial intelligence. This is due to the awareness that employees have of the benefits of automation, through first-hand experience working with robots.

The key concern for automation is not the prospect of job loss, but the apprehension of security with data and breaches. 42% of participants stated security as an obstacle to greater use automation. Lack of budget and resistance to change were both cited by 33% as concerns.

Jonathan Kidd, head of digital operations and robotics at Bank of Ireland, assures that automation ‘isn’t about replacing people with robots any more, or savings – it’s about taking the robot out of the person, freeing them to do higher-value tasks, to deliver better services that improve the customer journey.’