Building a World-Class Team Means Making the World Your Talent Pool

I have always loved emerging technologies and its potential to fundamentally change the world we live in. That is why I was so excited to join Augmate to harness the power of IoT, Blockchain and AI and play a part in empowering the next digital revolution.

As the world’s leading device management solution for wearable technology, we believe we must connect all things with the same powerful simplicity of wearables. But, bringing a platform to market is not a task for the timid. Platform development requires a vast array of engineering skills—architecture, APIs, security, scalability, robust coding, and much more. It becomes even more challenging as you build on top of emerging technologies and standards such as IoT and Blockchain. As such, building a great team is the first step in building a great platform. As the Augmate CTO, I am responsible for building a great team, so we can build that world-class platform.

Augmate has its roots in New York, but with the tremendous talent in Silicon Valley we decided to open an additional office in Mountain View, California. We will drive product and engineering from our new office along with harnessing some exceptional talent from our offshore development partner in Gurgaon, India. Gurgaon is a city just southwest of New Delhi in northern India and is known as a financial and technology hub in the region. We round out our team with bespoke development in Florida and Brazil. In the Silicon Valley office we have talent that is deep in architecture, blockchain and IoT. In the India location we have deep full-stack skills, and in Florida and Brazil we have incredible UI, UX, and front-end skills.

There are never enough hours in the day, but having a global team allows us to stretch those hours. While the team in California is working, the team in India is resting, and by the time we are wrapping up our day, the team in India is beginning theirs. This allows us to effectively get 20 hours of work done in a 24-hour day.

Building a great team is about finding the right talent in an ever-flattening world and being open to talent no matter where it may reside. Sometimes building a world-class team means making the world your talent pool.