NHS Artificial Intelligence

Can Artificial Intelligence Transform the NHS?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) programmed robots are set to revolutionize the National Health Care Service in the UK. Think tank predictions show that the robots could soon help the NHS in diagnosing life-threatening illnesses, help patients consume their meals and even help aiding patients in post-surgery.

If the decision of establishing AI takes place, the automation could allow the NHS to free up as much as 12.5bn a year worth of staff time and instead allow patients to be given more priority and care. Machine learning algorithms could take up various tasks usually carried out by administrative staff, healthcare assistants and nurses. AI robots can also help patients in eating and drinking, walking around the hospital and even act as a rehabilitation assistant for a patient in recovery.

A report from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) says, “someone arriving at hospital may begin by undergoing digital triage in an automated assessment suite. AI-based systems, include machine-learning algorithms, would be used to make more accurate diagnoses of diseases such as pneumonia, breast and skin cancers, eye diseases and heart conditions.”