Educate Your Customer

One of the challenges for a company that uses blockchain as one of its core technologies is communicating what you do, and how you do it, to enterprise customers. It’s about educating them on the technology, and how it will benefit them.  We’ve talked about how blockchain education has hit university curriculum, but how does the knowledge around a new technology enter the mainstream workforce?

A sure sign of the cultural acknowledgment of the popularity, and in this case, potential of a technology, is the availability of the ubiquitous “Blockchain for Dummies.”  Summarized as the, “ideal starting place for business pros,” the text book promises to explain the fundamentals of blockchain and how it can be used to change and enhance their business. But it’s a text book. Is that really the way to explain a cutting edge technology?

A recent Forbes article titled, “When It Comes To Adopting Blockchain Technology, Education Leads To Utilization,” argues that lawyers must first embrace the technology in order it to be more widely adopted by enterprises. This is an important observation, but again, it leaves us wanting more about what the enterprises themselves can do.

So what are other technology businesses doing to educate their public? We can learn a lot from one example, Sprint’s, “The Okay, But how? Show.”  In the web series, an intelligent-sounding host (yes, she has an English accent) breaks down the basics of 5G for business customers in easy to understand terms. By pairing it with an article called “The Ultimate 5G Explainer: The untold Story” on the  Sprint Business website, the company hits a pretty good balance for customers grappling to understand a new technology and its role in an enterprise.