Artificial Intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Future of Work

Although there are imminent risks that robots may take your job, many leading companies are utilizing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to build a better workplace. AI could change how many companies manage their operations, improving the workplace for employers and employees.

With AI, it will be possible to provide employers with intricate detail about their employees – from their mood to whether they could be on the brink of quitting. The technology will be able to identify candidates in the hiring process and determine the areas in which a company is lacking – finding the skills a company needs to hire. The mundane and repetitive jobs within the workplace can be replaced with robots for more accuracy and efficiency.

Although the incorporation of AI within the workplace may cause apprehension for employers at first, it is simply employing technology to make sense of data in a way that a human cannot. As many organizations are digitally transforming, fuelled by the increasing amounts data and the growth of cloud computing, it is necessary for companies to adapt before they are left behind.

Moving forward, business leaders must involve employees in the AI process within the workplace. It is essential that companies provide skills training to their employees to ensure that they are ready for the future of AI. 56% of respondents in a survey by Dell stated that schools must teach how to learn, rather than what to learn to prepare students for jobs that do not exists yet in the fast-changing industry.