IoT vehicle tracking

How the Internet of Things is Changing the Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking Industry

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, fuelled by the Internet of Things (IoT), is changing everything, from healthcare and agriculture, to energy and retail.

The fleet management and vehicle tracking industry is not exempt from technological overhaul. Below we outline how IoT is changing the industry.


Driver Condition Monitors

IoT devices that are placed on the driver can monitor and measure heart rate, blood sugar levels, and other biological readings. This data can be relayed back to the driver to inform them when to pull over, when to eat, and when they are too fatigued to continue their journey. This increases the safety and wellbeing of the drivers as well as the overall efficiency of the fleet.


Predictive & Scheduled Maintenance

Although it is common for trucks to have local sensors that give the driver information – oil levels, gas tank status, distance driven etc. – the introduction of IoT devices allows head office immediate access to this data. Not only will this increase driver safety in real-time, but it will allow companies to analyze large quantities of data received from their fleet of vehicles. With this information they can create more cost effective methods of vehicle maintenance.


Security Tracking

With IoT security systems, information on the location and status of the vehicles is accessible at any time. If there is a security breach relating to one of the vehicles, the relevant departments within the company will be notified immediately.


Goods Management

Sensors can be placed on or near goods in the truck and the data collected can be used to update the driver on their location, status, and condition. This increases the chances of the goods arriving at their desired location in the best condition possible, and, if they do not, there is a record of why. This information is again available to anyone who has access to the network.