AI Programmed Counterfeit Detector

IBM Launches AI Programmed Counterfeit Detector

As the counterfeiting industry racks trillions across the globe for manufacturing fake goods, IBM has produced a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) software which can be used with devices like mobile phones, to help combat the problem.

The company has announced the IBM Crypto Anchor Verifier, using AI and optical imaging to create a software which can identify and authenticate often counterfeited items such as jewellery and clothing. The software can even detect deadly bacteria like E. coli in water quality and detect fraudulent medication, making it a possible interest for the humanitarian and medical sector.


How does IBM’s counterfeit detector work?

The Crypto Anchor Verifier works by using machine learning to pick up optical patterns that are unique to every object. The AI model has been taught to learn and make highly trained predictions from vast collected data.  Whether it’s the difference between organic and genetically modified or the counterfeit of the latest clothing, the patterns allow the Crypto to verify between the real and the fake.

The technology for Crypto Anchor Verifier is a positive nod towards Blockchain applications. The process of optical signatures being recorded on Blockchain from original and uncompromised sources, tracked through the entire supply chain network, is the solution for trustworthy accreditation.