Introducing… Augmate’s MATE™ Token

Augmate's MATE token

A very unique token sale and utility token for secure and powerful device management


We have introduced the MATE™ token (Machine Access Token Exchange), a cryptocurrency to power IoT device security and interoperability through our Augmate Connect platform. Augmate Connect uses a combination approach to device management and the facilitation of interactions and transactions between devices. The MATE™ token was designed with a scalable solution, a distributed ledger device layer using smart contracts aimed at creating a secure ecosystem for device connectivity.

The potential is endless to dominate the IoT space. We began with a platform to allow enterprises to deploy and manage fleets of wearables and our infrastructure layer has 25 security features and will be expanding this to all IoT devices. Our CEO, Pete Wassell states, “In the next few years, there will be 50+ billion IoT devices on the market, and managing device security in a scalable model will be of utmost importance for both enterprises and individuals. We believe that distributed ledger technology is the future of IoT device security, and we’re developing Augmate Connect to power a global ecosystem of device and human connectivity.”

To understand more about our MATE token, go to and SAFTLaunch. Click here.