IoT Succeeds in Boosting Companies’ Profitability

Internet of Things (IoT) is continuing its rapid integration into our homes and industry, fundamentally changing how we live and work.

What many businesses fail to understand is that to profit from IoT, they need actively adapt to smart technologies and networks – not the other way around.

The rise in IoT and digital has led to a shift in the expectations of modern customers and how they interact with businesses. Customers now expect to access brands around the clock, along with the ability to connect with peers and answer any questions online. This means that the expansion of cloud-based apps, big data and data science is pivotal for company growth.

Here are some ideas on how you can maximize the advantages of IoT for your business:


Gathering data from the physical world

Industries across the field are using IoT to collect useful data throughout their employee’s daily operations. With inanimate objects becoming smart, businesses can now use devices to access information and data that in the past was inaccessible or time consuming to collect.


Streamlining Tasks

Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are improving productivity by learning from your habits. These “digital assistants” are quickly transitioning from personal use to commercial industry use. Once a device is synchronized to an employee’s calendar, the process of scheduling and tracking a task is made easier.


Lowering Everyday Office Costs

IoT is minimizing unnecessary expenditure through its data gathering capabilities. Smart lighting and heating systems are a perfect example that highlight how energy costs can be lowered. Respectively, these systems are able to sense if there are people in the room or if there has been an overuse of air conditioning or heating.


Maximizing Customer Experience

Businesses have been given the opportunity to offer new dimensions to customer interactions through digitization and automation. An innovative example of how businesses are improving customer experience through IoT is Disney World’s MagicBands. This wearable device allows customers to check-in, order food and access rides; combating the issue of carrying tickets and paper around the theme park. It also allows Disney to gather data on popular rides and restaurants in the theme park.


What We Do

Our mission is to be the world’s premiere IoT solution provider for device management. Our technology removes traditional barriers of interoperability, time, and adaptability. In doing so, we’re poised to help shape the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ by bridging the gap between inflexible business information systems, wearables and all of IoT through true modularity to streamline supply chain and production processes in an unprecedented way. 

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