Augmented Reality

Is Augmented Reality set to Replace Mannequins?

Last month, Augmate looked at the implications of augmented reality transitioning into mainstream customer journeys.

Spanish forward thinking retailer, Zara, has added an innovative technique to the list by incorporating augmented reality (AR) into a new in-store experience. For one week, Zara will be removing their lifeless mannequins from 120 worldwide branches and replacing them with clothes modelled through AR with their new app.

The pedestals that were previously home to Zara’s mannequins will lay bare and new WiFi spots will be installed across their stores, allowing customers to download their app. The new AR features will show models wearing selected looks from their range when a mobile phone is held up to a sensor within a store or designated shop windows. It will also allow customers to efficiently click through to buy the clothes online. This experiment will test whether consumers prefer to see how their clothes fit on a moving body, with the hope that it will reduce the time and labor consuming fitting room process.

An AR feature has also launched for those who prefer to shop online. Scanning your online delivery via the Zara app will enable you to see a small feature of holographic Zara models dancing around your package, showing alternative outfits.

With Zara’s inventive move into fashion-meets-tech territory, how will its high-street competitors follow suit?