Is Blockchain Essential to the Future of Sustainable Energy?

There has been an immense amount of buzz for blockchain in the energy sector.

Many startups made the most of the technology’s potential in the utility market last year, entering the blockchain-in-energy space and raising millions via token sales in the process. On the back of this, we want to explore how blockchain can be utilized to redefine current electricity systems.

The EPA reports that the number one source of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions is the electricity produced by burning fossil fuels, causing an expensive and damaging aftermath. The lack of accessibility to energy in the developing world is also a severe issue, with more than a billion people globally still living without electricity.

Blockchain could be the solution to these issues. New blockchain systems can make decentralized solar power more accessible, adaptable and affordable. The security of blockchain can also cut out the middleman, the utility in this case, and enable neighbours to trade clean energy.

Companies like Energi Mine are combating the issue of excessive energy use by creating a blockchain-based rewards system, which utilizes their ETK digital token to incentivize people to consume less energy. This enables users to earn money for reducing their carbon footprint, as these tokens can be redeemed to pay for energy bills, or to recharge their electric vehicles.

With recent figures highlighting that investors are putting $300 million in crypto energy investments, and 122 companies developing blockchain energy tools – it is certain that blockchain will continue to transform the energy sector. It is hoped that the use of blockchain technology, and the reinvention of the energy industry will motivate new levels of climate action and environmental awareness among the population.


Where We Fit In 

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