Cloud Computing

Is Your Business Ready for Cloud Computing?

The introduction of cloud computing has completely changed the way that organizations operate, transforming their business model. It is now possible to rent any software or product for your business, updating and maintaining the server through a cloud provider.

The future of cloud computing will reduce investments in IT and hardware costs, which will be extremely beneficial for startups and small and medium enterprises. The cloud offers employees the possibility to access workplace information remotely and securely. Maintenance also can be scheduled and automated through the web browser by technicians remotely.

Cloud computing will benefit companies that are employing wearables in the workplace. Mobile and wearable devices no longer need complex and powerful processors. The wearable cloud will be able to provide the experience of a smart device by connecting terminal devices through Bluetooth and WiFi. When the wearable cloud is paired with devices like smart glasses, anyone with access to the cloud will be able to see what the person wearing the device is seeing in real time, eliminating the need for a platform or device-specific hardware and software.