Medical wearables

Market for Medical Diagnostic Wearables Set to Grow

A recent study conducted by Global Diagnostic Wearable Medical Device Market has shown that the medical diagnostic devices are growing in market. A few of the world’s biggest countries, such as US and India, are becoming major players.

Diagnostic wearables are medical devices which are used by healthcare professionals and consumers. They allow the use of monitoring, controlling and tracking an individual’s vital health signs. These devices are usually connected to a patient’s body in order to capture physiological information. The diagnostic wearables then help monitor physiological data through remote or wireless communication, helping to examine specific medical functions such as body temperature, glucose levels and even reciprocity rates. They can also come in a range of different items ranging from clothing to eyewear.

This trend has seen an increase in popularity as new and improved IoT powered devices are introduced to the market in regular intervals. The new use of smaller and more reliable devices has allowed institutes to take a liking to them. The miniaturization of wearable health devices is of better and easier use as well as being more energy efficient. These IoT powered devices are allowing health system to use wearables in order to make more accurate diagnosis and help with effective patient treatment.

The study has forecasted that the market for these diagnostic wearables is anticipated to grow substantially, characterized by the presence of several well-established global and regional companies. Global vendors are increasing in presence, which does mean that local vendors are finding it hard to stay up with the competition of constantly looking for ways to enhance mark presence.

The study also shows that America is leading in the diagnostic device market and is expected to reach $2bn by 2020. There is also a forecast for rapid growth in smart watches, clothes, eyewear etc, as the market is set to be dominated within the next four years. The increase in chronic diseases such as diabetes and health problems such as obesity will play a role in continuous monitoring, thus leading to the wearables sectors growth by 2020.