Military wearables

Market for Military Wearables to Expand by 2024

The demands for military wearables is rising, as the market for them is foresighted to expand hugely by 2024, and the sales for these new technologies are expected to increase 45% by 2022. Government defence agencies are constantly investing and producing relevant research in new ways to increase intelligence and convenience within military equipment.

Currently the wearables within military are split up into various categories such as eyewear, wrist wear, ear wear etc. One of the main reasons why popularity is increasing within smart technology is because of textile based materials, which are armed with electronics and nanotechnology playing a vital role in modern military uniforms. Smart textiles are also increasing in popularity due to developing countries showing huge interest, such as India, Pakistan, Brazil and Mexico. Military sub-divisions such as the air force and navy are constantly updating in major trends, due to the demand of border control and tighter security against external threats.

According to recent studies, these new military wearables will enable soldiers to complete tasks with higher levels of accuracy and precision, which will then increase the safety and diminish risks of failure during high risked operations. These wearables can transform the way military services and operations are programmed and run, providing a more secure future for countries across the world.