• Measure the benefits of an augmented reality application to support sorting the DELL volume by destination
  • Full immersive 3D environment with visual aids for the sorter
  • Hands free operation with smartglasses • 8 weeks proof of concept


Sorting Performance
Analyze and measure whether an AR smartglass system for sorting outperforms a traditional manual sort approach in terms of sorting time and error rates

Employee Well-being
Investigate the effects of using AR smartglasses on the individual. In particular, we are interested in perceived usability, required physical and mental effort, and potential empowerment effects as well as deskilling and training needs.

User Characteristics
Examine the effects of an individual’s technology readiness on our previously introduced performance and wellbeing measures.



Information Compiled

  • User Feedback
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Productivity
  • Health & Safety
  • User Experience
  • Eye Measurements
  • Device Scorecards
  • Quality Measurement Sorting Process and Six Sigma


Final results and recommendations are confidential but included:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Operationa