Augmented Reality-assisted assembly supports manufacturing and assembly workers by augmenting key workflows and procedures, bringing technical documentation and instructions to the worker’s wearable device.

AR Technologies
Augmate’s Wearable Environment Manager™ (WEM) supports enterprise deployment of AR-assisted assembly, working with any technology for authoring, detection, recognition and rendering. Hands-free display options permit the operator to use both hands for assembly tasks or other processes, while viewing documentation or instructions on the wearable device. User interface options include speech recognition, gesture recognition, eye-gaze recognition, or touchscreen. Integrating AR-assisted assembly using WEM can help reduce errors, improve quality, and speed the assembly process.

Manufacturing organizations operating in industries such as automotive & heavy equipment, electronics, defense, aerospace, telecommunications, power & automation, energy & resource, naval engineering.

Assembly line workers who manufacture machinery, equipment, and other products.