Augmented Reality-assisted training supports on-the-job and classroom training by displaying and augmenting key workflows, procedures, and conceptual information on a mobile device or desktop computer. Content sources include existing technical publication repositories, together with other corporate assets such as product information.


Augmate’s Wearable Environment Manager™ (WEM) supports enterprise deployment of AR-assisted training. It works with a wide range of technologies for authoring, detection, recognition and rendering. Display options can be based on mobile platforms or fixed-position displays, if the registration must be precise and the objects are stationary with respect to the user and the AR detection and recognition technology. The user interface for AR-assisted training can be a desktop computer, touchscreen or gesture.

Further integration of AR-assisted training with employee learning record databases might be desirable in some scenarios.


  • Contextual, kinesthetic learning is more likely to be retained by the trainee and self-corrected during job performance
  • Employees have rapid and consistent access to current training policies or modules
  • Training reduces risk of delays and errors in performing tasks

Training and line organizations operating in industries such as automotive & heavy equipment, electronics, defense, aerospace, utilities, agriculture, financial services, telecommunications, logistics, power & automation, energy & resource, naval engineering, medical & dental.

Qualified users who must learn tasks and concepts in order to execute workflows in their job domain.