Augmented Reality-assisted field service supports users in accomplishing new or ongoing maintenance activities (corrective and preventive) of machinery and equipment. AR brings service and maintenance information directly to wearable devices so that field service workers have all the information they need to perform field maintenance activities. The system leverages and augments key workflows, procedures and conceptual information selected from existing technical publication repositories, together with other corporate assets such as product information

Augmate’s Wearable Environment Manager™ (WEM) supports enterprise deployment of AR-assisted field service capabilities, working with any technology for authoring, detection, recognition and rendering. Hands-free display options permit the operator to use both hands for service tasks or other processes, while viewing documentation or instructions on the wearable device. User interface options include speech, gesture, and eye-gaze recognition. Integrating AR-assisted field service with parts databases, workflow and customer management technologies and systems improve performance. Advanced field service systems using Augmented Reality can support remote expert interaction and feedback with integrated video conferencing and collaboration tools.

Field service organizations operating in industries such as automotive &heavy equipment, electronics, defense, aerospace, utilities, agriculture, financial services, telecommunications, logistics, power & automation, energy & resource, naval engineering.

Field service technicians who maintain machinery and other equipment in the field or factory.