Augmented Reality-assisted remote visualization processes enable field service personnel to more effectively communicate with experts via wearable or mobile devices. Leveraging graphical overlays, multiple users can simultaneously view work instructions, inspection sites and collaborative solutions, regardless of their locations.

Augmate’s Wearable Environment Manager™ (WEM) supports any software architecture that can successfully render environments in the midst of complex assemblies and sub-assemblies, in real time. Given the geographically dispersed nature of the use case, measures to ensure data security and compliance with national regulations are critical. As such, a user verification process needs to be considered and, when required, instituted.

Hardware for this use case must be based on mobile platforms, with nothing larger than a ruggedized touchpad. Wearable technology that integrates into existing eyewear would provide an optimal system. User interfaces based on gesture detection, with opportunities for touchscreen implementation in some cases, help reduce the need for mouse or keyboards.

Users of remote visualization and inspection include field service technicians who service aircraft in customer locations.

Example Scenarios

  • Real-time collaboration between expert maintenance personnel at the production line and onsite field representatives for a helicopter on an offshore oil rig.
  • Real-time direction of onsite maintenance personnel such that remote experts can fully inspect areas of interest without the need for time-delayed sending and receiving of images.
  • Real-time display of approved modifications of repair instructions for an onsite maintenance technician