Augmented Reality (AR) supports on-the-job training by providing maintenance technicians with visual guidance for complex tasks on a mobile device. Integrating AR guidance within electronic maintenance work cards reinforces task execution by displaying unambiguous maintenance information and instructions prior to starting a workflow

AR Technologies
Augmate’s Wearable Environment Manager™ (WEM) supports enterprise deployment of AR-assisted training. It works with the following technologies to support AR-enhanced maintenance training:

  • XML-based software architectures for production of technical publications and work cards
  • Mobile AR devices such as a head-mounted display or a tablet computer
  • AR capabilities can be integrated directly into electronic work instructions, enabling seamless access to AR-based training when and where needed

Integration of AR capabilities directly into electronic work instructions enables seamless access to AR-based training when and where needed.

Data Sources
Sources for AR-enhanced maintenance technician training include:

  • Maintenance procedures, training publications and illustrated parts catalogs
  • Digital asset repositories of parts information, some of which are CAD models
  • Service publications such as service bulletins and service letters

Users of AR-enhanced maintenance training systems are technicians performing corrective and preventive maintenance.