Augmented Reality-assisted warehouse systems support users in picking and sorting processes by recognizing and matching part or package codes and providing instructions via graphical overlays for sorting and delivery.

Augmate’s Wearable Environment Manager™ (WEM) supports enterprise deployment of AR-assisted warehouse picking. It can work with any technology for authoring, detection, recognition and rendering. Hands-free AR display options permit the operator to use both hands for warehouse picking or other tasks or processes requiring use of hands. The user interface for AR-assisted warehouse picking can be speech recognition, gesture recognition, eye-gaze recognition or touchscreen.

Integrating AR-assisted warehouse picking with parts and inventory databases, workflow and customer management technologies and systems improves performance.

Advanced warehouse picking systems using Augmented Reality can support remote expert interaction and feedback with integrated video conferencing and collaboration tools.

Logistics organizations operating warehouses as part of a supply chain.

Picking operators who fulfill orders in a warehouse.