Pilot / AR

Augmented Reality Test Kit for Enterprise IT

Looking to test wearables for your business? Augmate’s PiB offers an easy way to test popular devices and applications and enables enterprise IT to securely provision and manage these devices. All devices come pre-configured so all you need to do is to log in (or plug in the gateway if you chose the on-premise version) , power up the smart glasses, and you’re up and running.

Pilot in a Box

Pilot in a Box Augmate WEM™ (3 month trial) + Laptop/Gateway + Three Head-Mounted Displays



Much like its name, a business can simply open a box and begin to pilot Augmate’s Wearable Environment Manager (WEM) solution with three different wearable devices. Because it is a standalone solution there is no need to connect it to your corporate network, which means no need to go through weeks of approvals to test out how wearables can make your business more productive. Simply open the box, turn on the provided gateway, power up any one of the wearables and start to create policies for each of the three wearables.

The intent of the Pilot is to introduce users to our Wearable Environment Manager (WEM) and to test out industry leading wearable devices. Hence, your pilot is meant to provide you a level of flexibility to use it for different business use cases. The Pilot will come with a suite of applications that can be deployed to the devices. We will also work closely with you to help model the best use case for your business.

Boxes will be subject to availability, but generally we can send you a box within two weeks or less.

Once you start engaging with us to receive your Pilot in a Box, we will provide you with an Augmate representative if you need support.

At any time you can contact your Augmate representative to order additional devices.

At the end of your Pilot you can simply return the box to us or you can extend for 3 more months. At the end of the 6 months you can either return it to us or buy it.

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