Thailand IoT

Thailand and the IoT Sector

The adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Thailand has been growing at a rapid rate. Both the consumer and business sectors are making helping to make their developed, network driven city into an IoT leader in ASEAN.  

According to Bangkok post, Thailand is increasing its use of IoT and the implementation of the technology across several sectors because of its already placed preparations in network infrastructure. The technology behind IoT has allowed countries such as Thailand to emerge themselves in digital transformation and has been adopted quicker than computers and mobile phones. Another factor which has led to Thailand’s increase in IoT use is the fact that the components and devices which are used in such technologies are declining in price.

Precision farming is also a sector currently being explored, and the IoT adoption for precision farming is where Thailand is theoretically driving towards next. Tourism, especially within smart cities, can also benefit as technology can be applied to sustainable development that gives visitors a better experience. IoT can also be maximised for environmental monitoring and waste management, mobility, and smart transpiration.

Kriengsak Wanichnatee, an AIS Chief Technology Officer, made a statement saying that all parties in Thailand are enthusiastic about IoT adoption for consumer technology. It is also important for the establishment of the right ecosystem in order for IoT to take off in any ASEAN country. Close attention should be paid to Thailand’s manufacturing industry, as it is the largest contributor to its economy and would benefit the most from IoT.