The Top 5 IoT Devices of 2018

IoT is on the march across virtually all industries in 2018.

Nearly 40 years after the first ‘IoT’ ATMs, this year appears to be the biggest yet for IoT in terms of innovation and growth. Listed below are our five favourtie IoT products in 2018 that you can get your hands right now!


Wink Handlebars

Whether its a trip to the shop or the journey to work, cyclists enjoy a freedom and ease of travel that public transport users and walkers rarely get. However, as cyclists know, the need to stop-and-start constantly to check for directions can be an irritation to travelers. Wink Handlebars help solve this problem through the ‘WinkNav’ system that uses on-board GPS to illuminate a light on each side, indicating which direction to turn on route to your destination and providing a time-saving and easy way to get from A to B.


June Intelligent Oven

On the subject of time-saving, June’s Intelligent Oven expels the need to constantly check the status of your chicken, vegetables and culinary creations when cooking on the grill. Simply place the food in, allow the oven to confirm the food type, then sit back as it cooks to perfection. For an added layer of control, the oven comes with a built-in camera, just in case you feel the need to keep an eye on your dinner.


Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System

We take it for granted, but sleep is of vital importance to our daily lives. The need for a proper night’s slumber has fueled a boom in sleep-aid gadgets, and one of these such aids is the Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System by Cambridge Sound Management. The system tailors white noise to the background sounds in your room, cancelling out distractions and helping you drift off peacefully.


Lumo Lift Wearable Posture Coach

If you are not struggling with getting your 8-hours of sleep, you may be worrying that all the time we now spend at our desks is affecting your posture. 31 million Americans experience back pain at any one moment, so to counteract this, Lumo Lift has designed a small device that fits right under your collarbone and gives you a handy vibrating reminder when your quest for a straight back is slacking. A smart solution for smartening your posture.


Smart Doorbells

When we’re busy, we just don’t have the time to engage with unsolicited visitors to our doorstep. By allowing you to see and speak through your smartphone to anyone that rings your doorbell, a new wave of smart doorbells are allowing occupants to avoid unwanted visitors, and eases your mind about leaving elderly or vulnerable loved ones home alone. These systems add another layer of security to your home in an easy-to-use and install format.


Where We Fit In With IoT in 2018

Our mission is to be the world’s premier IoT solution provider for device management. Our technology removes traditional barriers of interoperability, time, and adaptability. In doing so, we are poised to help shape the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ by bridging the gap between inflexible business information systems, wearables and all of IoT.

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