Wearable Environment Manager™ (WEM)

Augmate empowers Enterprise IT to securely deploy and manage smart glasses

Augmate is the leading device management solution for wearable technology and bringing the power of the distributed ledger to the Internet of Things. With Augmate, IT teams breathe easier knowing devices conform to internal security policies and protect corporate information while providing a seamless user experience for employees.

The Platform

Enroll New Devices with Confidence and Ease

IT admins regularly configure policy settings for mobile devices and now they can do the same for smart glasses and other devices. Simplify and speed up the rollout process of devices and mobile applications wirelessly through a web-browser. Set up multiple Wi-Fi networks to allow devices to move without losing connectivity.

Keep the Fleet Updated from One Place

Keep up with OS upgrades and security patches. Remotely install and uninstall applications, configure hardware permissions, and manage system-level settings on your networks’ wearables beacons and other IoT devices at any time.

Integrate Smart Glasses into Existing Infrastructure

We work closely with wearable hardware manufacturers to ensure smartglasses meet enterprise-level security requirements. Through these partnerships, Augmate grants IT admins full managerial control of each device down to the system level.

Monitor device performance and usage in real-time

Monitor a device’s battery status and last location by implementing wearables in combination with Internet-of-Things technologies like locational beacons. The ability to manage an enterprise environment is a revamp on the traditional time and motion studies used to improve work methods.

Take the Next Step in Wearable and IoT Device Management