Manufacturing wearables

Wearable Tech to Drive Manufacturing Improvements

The functionality of wearable technology has demonstrated that it is a perfect fit for the manufacturing sector’s everyday workflow, and the demand keeps rising. The partnership between manufacturing and wearables has provided endless improvements within the manufacturing industry. Below are a list of wearable applications in the sector that are changing the functionality of traditional manufacturing.


Faster and better training

Employers can use wearable technology to modernize the long process of training employees. Organizations have been using augmented reality glasses such as Google Glass to provide a unique and efficient training process for their employees, eliminating the time and expense of teaching new line workers how to navigate software.


Safety awareness

Wearables are promoting safety and preventing accidents on the manufacturing floor, as they are worn on employees for the entirety of their shift. Wearables can help management gather data on the speed at which workers are traveling, the stability of the temperature and pinpoint conditions that could be damaging to an employee’s body over time. Wearables will allow management to gather data about how workers are spending their time and what safety hazards they could be exposed to on a daily basis.


Maximum efficiency and productivity

Manufacturing management will be able to increase the efficiency and productivity of their employees within the floor by using wearable technology to augment or improve existing processes and functions within industrial and commercial settings. It will allow employees to obtain additional information or deliver remote orders or commands. The data collected from wearables will allow employees to pinpoint exactly where an item or order is located, whether it is still in transit, or already in the factory.


Remote management

Wearables can allow management to keep up with operations completely remotely if needed. A simple glance at the system could show everything from the location of their employees, the productivity within the organization and potential issues that could be forming with the staff or equipment. Requests and commands can be delivered by the management without having to step foot into the firm.