What are the Social Implications of Wearables in 2018?

Wearables are one of the most common examples of the Internet of Things (IoT) today.

Indeed, wearable technology has a wide variety of applications including the smartwatch and activity tracker, as well as its incorporation into navigation systems, advanced textiles, and healthcare.  

The rapid rise and technological advances of wearables would have significant social impact.  Having a wearable would not only ensure you get updates from your social networks on the go, but it would also ensure that you can update your social networks faster too. Taking the smartwatch into perspective for example, you could easily update your Facebook and Twitter channels directly from your smartwatch as you are exercising.

The rise of wearables would also have a significant impact on the way we do Ecommerce.  With major improvements in connectivity and logistics, and due to the fact that with a wearable, a computer is always near you in order to shop online, you are now able to shop from anywhere at your convenience.

Wearables could also be a vital platform for third party advertisers and marketers to pitch their products to potential consumers.  This in turn, would benefit the advertiser as they would get a complete guarantee of their advert reaching out to potential consumers and for the user, this may lead to a reduction in the price of the wearable itself as a result of the third party advertising cost.