What the Rise of Wearables Means for the Industrial Sector

The integration of wearables into the industrial sector is being touted as a game-changer for 2018.

The constant growth and advancement of the IoT market and the developments made in augmented reality have enabled mass changes in the capabilities of wearables. Industries that heavily rely on front line and field workings, such as manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, are increasingly seeing benefits from this in terms of productivity and efficiency as they increase their utilization of these disruptive technologies.

Wearables can provide workers with a safe, hands-free and uninterrupted mobile working experience. For example, worker safety can be heightened through the use of smartwatches to monitor the biometrics of the workers, reducing occupational accidents. If a worker is performing a task that comes with risks, their smartwatch will measure parameters such as temperature or blood pressure and send an alert if the worker falls above or below the limits.  

Another solution may is the use of smart glasses for dramatically reducing the learning time of new workers. The hands free element will allow the trainee to see an overlayed step-by-step process on how to perform the task inside the glasses. Through the glasses, technicians can take hands-free photos or videos and document them for future use of other workers. The technology allows for more tangible training, giving workers an easier understanding of the physical environments they will occupy.

These examples highlight the expansive potential that wearables have in the industrial sector. The continued development of wearable capacity and functionality will undoubtedly be a catalyst for its continued success in industrial contexts.


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