AR and VR

Why AR Glasses are Revolutionizing Warehouse Pick & Pack Methods

Warehouses are the latest sector to adopt wearables to streamline their industrial process, specifically Augmented Reality (AR) glasses. Below we look at their positive effect on warehouse pick & pack methods.

Smart glasses overlay virtual images and information on top of the picker’s real environment. The picker is able to give vocal confirmation that they are in the vicinity of the desired package, and the AR glasses can use inbuilt GPS to confirm the location of the picker. Then, the inbuilt camera scans the barcode of the item and the display changes to inform the wearer of the number of items needed to be positioned in the picking cart. Once the picker has completed this phase, the location of the next package will be displayed. This cycle continues until the entire pick is complete.

With multiple checks built into the system, the need to physically double check orders and locations of orders is removed, saving time and labour costs while increasing both speed and accuracy.

To help manage all the extra IoT devices that this increase will introduce, a secure and user friendly management system like our Augmate Connect will maximize potential of this system and others like it.