Why Businesses Need to Address IoT Security in 2018

In many ways, cybersecurity is often overlooked and underfunded within industry.

A recent report from Forrester Consulting and ForeScout has found that 4 out of 5 organizations are not confident that they can see every device on their network from access points and portals.

Beyond that, 59% of enterprise are apparently willing to tolerate a medium to high risk level to IoT devices.


Why Does Security Matter?

There is no doubt that IoT industry will struggle if security does not come first. Although many devices are used on secure private networks, if product developers do not dedicate time to fixing security threats, weaknesses will be exploited. The main issue with IoT security is that by the nature of these intricate system, hackers, upon access, are able to not only attack single devices but rather whole interconnected networks.

IoT devices often rely on default passwords, or are not password protected at all. This presents itself as a massive security risk when you consider that IoT technology shares its connection with business networks and computers, storing huge amounts of sensitive data.

Businesses need to implement security best practices from day one. If this has not been done from the beginning, adding extra security layers is best done sooner rather than later as even the smallest gap in defenses can lead to much bigger problems.


How We Help

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Beyond Our Platform

Our mission is to be the world’s premiere IoT solution provider for device management. Our technology removes traditional barriers of interoperability, time, and adaptability. In doing so, we’re poised to help shape the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ by bridging the gap between inflexible business information systems, wearables and all of IoT through true modularity to streamline supply chain and production processes in an unprecedented way. 

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