Smart Car

Why Smart Parking?

As smart technology seeks to develop cities throughout the world, technological solutions are also being targeted towards innovation in other public sectors, such as smart parking automobiles. Smart parking gives citizens the ability to pre-plan their journeys by checking if parking spaces are available and when they will be available before they leave for their journey.

Smart Parking is a strategy that combines the collaboration between humans and technological innovation in the effort to minimize the use of resources, such as time, money and fuel to achieve easier and quicker parking. Long term use of this type of system can heavily decrease congestion as well as air pollution. Currently the developments of such automation are being trialled and implemented across cities in Europe, America and Asia.

The technology behind smart parking usually involve sensors which use infrared and magnetic mechanism to determine if the parking space is available. Some smart parking also incorporates cameras for more precise data. These sensors are usually embedded into the ground and therefore not seen by drivers. This is to make sure that they don’t distract drivers or affect the parking space. The information collected is usually displayed via a smartphone app, allowing its users to find dedicated parking spaces immediately. Advanced form of smart parking includes the ability to reserve space, view when the space will becoming available etc.

Smart parking can also help businesses and similar organizations when it comes to cutting costs and saving time. Sensors are able to generate data about the duration of parking, if the space has been reserved and when it will likely be available, giving employees of organizations the ability to pre-plan their journey to and from work beforehand.

From reserving spaces, extending duration and immediately finding available spaces through a smart phone app, automated parking technology can make journeys much more efficient and environmentally friendly. Smart parking is the future and is guaranteed to transform the way transportation works in smart cities.