MATE token digital security

Why you need to have a MATE™ to help you with Digital Security

IoT has Revolutionized the Working Environment for Good 

An ever-increasing number of enterprises and individuals are relying upon smart networks and platforms to manage diversifying catalogues of specialist machinery and tools. This boom has been driven by the simple fact that these systems and technologies are good at what they do. Progression through the fourth technological revolution has ingrained a discourse that machines are greater than humans at many tasks. They are cheaper, more effective, more efficient, and do not need holidays.

However, enterprises and individuals are now more vulnerable than ever to security breaches. Technological and smart networks can be used by hackers to steal data, manipulate devices, control networks, access personal financials, and post sensitive information in the public domain. All devices may have their own security protocols, but there is yet to be an effective integrated management platform that can provide both the interoperability and security needed to adequately protect against an attack.


How we are solving these problems

In line with this need, we have developed the first platform for mitigating this risk. Building on the power and security of distributed ledger technology, Augmate Connect is revolutionizing the way that IoT ecosystems operate.

And this where your MATEin digital security comes in. We are currently in the second phase of our token sale for our utility token, the MATEtoken. It has been designed to allow anyone to participate in the rise of the global ecosystem of human and device connectivity. To read more about the token, and how you can participate, click the link here to read our whitepaper. Are you willing to take the risk with your precious data and security?

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