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  1. 4 hours ago

    The world's first crowdfunding based startup reality show is back for season 2, and we're proud to be a sponsor. Don't miss . Click through to the press release for more info. ()

  2. Dec 12
  3. Dec 12
  4. Dec 11

    Bloomberg's reported earlier that Uber Technologies Inc. has selected to lead its next year. 's listing could value the company at as much as $120 billion. 👀

  5. Dec 11

    Our own shares his predictions on the impact of digital securities.

  6. Dec 10

    Is putting you to sleep? 🏈 Pivot to "Each of The Top 100 Explained in One Sentence." 🎢 "Bear Markets are brutal, but they also give you enough time to learn about technology." -

  7. Dec 10

    As reported by , semi-decentralized browser is now the default browser on 's Exodus 1 smartphone. 📱 Brave's CEO initially broke the news on Twitter. 🐦

  8. Dec 9

    "Fundamentals of quality are down less than prices, and significantly so." - Looking for something to read during half-time of ? Check out this analysis of Bitcoin & Ethereum.

  9. Dec 9
  10. Dec 9

    "It is this philosophy which has kept the system running for 10 years. Whether at $1 or $20,000." -

  11. Dec 7

    Only open standards-based systems are powerful enough to unlock IoT's full potential while ensuring the health, connectivity, and security of the growing web of smart devices. Learn why:

  12. Dec 6

    Our newest article "The Unicorn: tZERO," profiles the exchange . are a rare breed — only .07% of all software companies achieve valuation of $1 billion or higher. 🦄 💰👀

  13. Dec 6

    Mass adoption of hasn't happened yet, but technologists are getting closer. Slow speeds, a lack of standards, and legal regulations are three key areas already being addressed with solutions on the way.

  14. Dec 5

    With the recent dip in prices, a lot of miners have decided to go offline. 👻 However, this has led to a decline in for the Bitcoin network. 📉 believes this is a , not a bug, of bitcoin’s design. 😊

  15. Dec 5

    The track is being laid in real-time. 's VC arm recently backed 's $12.75 million round. Full steam ahead! 🚂

  16. Dec 5

    We're excited to have launched one of the world's first digital securities. Meet . Look out for it to begin trading on a regulated exchange this month. More info:

  17. Dec 4

    Want to know the relation between today’s emerging market and the development of in the 1800’s? Read our latest article to find out. 🙂

  18. Dec 2

    For this week's , we are re-reading 's "The State of Cryptocurrency Mining." David is lead developer of , a blockchain based platform.

  19. Dec 1

    to the self-described nerd . 😊 Our team recently searched through the “digital security” . We found Tatiana's "Guide to the Security Token Ecosystem" to be both comprehensive and informative. ✔️

  20. Nov 30

    We found the live-recording of last night's inaugural within the repository. The ' interviewed the U.S. SEC Chairman Jay Clayton. Thank you . 👍


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