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Ericsson Mobility Report provides industry-leading projections and analyses of the latest trends in the mobile industry. Our forecasts are based on past and current data, validated with extensive network measurements.

November 2018 report

In the latest edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report, we highlight that mobile data traffic grew 79 percent between Q3 2017 and Q3 2018—the highest growth rate since 2013. The report also explores the role of Fixed Wire Access as one of the early use cases of 5G, cellular connectivity in smart manufacturing, and why streaming video contributes so much to mobile traffic growth.

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In The November report, our forecast horizon rolls forward one year, covering the period 2018 to 2024. In this upcoming webinar will look into the key insights for this period and discuss implications of the new figures and forecasts.

Ericsson Mobility Calculator

Ericsson Mobility Calculator allows you to explore the relationship between the usage of various app types and monthly traffic per subscription. The application enables calculation of the traffic impact of different applications, including streaming of higher video resolutions and immersive video formats, such as VR 360-degree video.

Ericsson Mobility Visualizer

Ericsson Mobility Visualizer allows you to explore the forecast data that underpins the Ericsson Mobility Report. Our interactive web application contains historical as well as forecast data on mobile subscriptions, traffic, data consumption and IoT connected devices. Users are able to generate custom graphs or download the data.

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